2 March 2024

What toys for the child?

What toys for the child?

What toys for the child? Are you the godmother or grandmother of a recently born baby? Then you certainly can’t wait to see the baby. There is a responsibility for the relatives, especially grandma. Usually, she is a person who the little ones love for her gentleness, wonderful loving approach and understanding the baby’s needs in terms of providing delicious sweets. Whenever grandma’s visit is coming, the little ones can’t wait, because grandma always has something interesting at home or she has just baked a delicious cake. Grandmothers love to give their grandchildren gifts of all kinds.

However, helping your daughter or son take care of a toddler is not the only duty of a loving grandmother. As a mother, you have much more knowledge about raising a child and treating minor colds or home remedies for reducing a toddler’s fever. Grandma always advised her children in various ailments. After all, grandma’s methods are irreplaceable and work best. Often, young parents also ask how to deal with the protection of certain elements of the house that may be dangerous for a child.

Gates, overlays and other security features

If parents do not know how to secure the house when the baby begins to walk, it is worth recommending them to protect the electrical sockets in the first place. Toddlers love to match shapes, so putting a pen, parts of a toy or just sticks into the socket can be a great fun for them, which, unfortunately, can end in a great misfortune. Therefore, it is worth considering plastic contact inserts that can be removed with a special key. The child is not able to remove the safety device or put anything in the place where the current is flowing.

Another thing is a gate if the house is two-story. Whenever a toddler starts to walk or even crawl, it moves at a fairly fast pace. Therefore, temporarily losing your baby’s eyes may end up falling down the stairs. Therefore, it is worth considering a wooden gate that will separate the stairs from the rest of the house. The child will not be able to go upstairs then. There is, however, another thing that does not require any financial outlays or any assembly. We are talking about emptying all shelves of all knick-knacks, figurines, coffee jars, tea, etc. Anything that can break and hurt your baby should be placed high enough to prevent the baby from reaching it. Also, remember to move any cutlery, especially knives, to a higher place, because little ones love to open drawers.

A gift for the baby for the first birthday

As a grandmother, you probably want to give your grandchildren a variety of things. However, many years have passed since you raised your children and a lot has changed. Therefore, it is worth seeing what toys for the youngest can be found now and a little bit of an understanding of which category will be appropriate for each age. Despite the passage of time, however, the thing has not changed, namely the blocks. It seems like a trivial gift, but children can conjure up countless structures from it. Therefore, they will enjoy it much longer than a toy that sings and dances. This is because after a while it gets bored and is put away in a corner, and the blocks are used in various games.

It is also worth thinking about something soft like a cuddly toy or a fabric book. You can find tons of hand-sewn children’s books that are great entertainment. They cover a variety of topics. We can find ones in which you need to match small animals to their parents, change clothes for teddy bears or bake colorful cookies. All elements in the booklets are movable and usually placed on Velcro. You can also opt for matching puzzles, wooden pulling toys, simple puzzles or musical instruments made of wood.

Gifts for older children

It is known that older children will no longer be interested in puzzles that they can put together in a minute or puzzles that are already too simple. Therefore, then you can focus on the development of the toddler and buy more advanced things for entertainment. Older children, that is, over two or three years old, prefer more complicated toys. So you can buy simple books for learning letters or numbers. Such toys can also have more smaller elements, because children do not take them in their mouths anymore, so there is no risk of swallowing the elements. So it is a great time to buy, for example, smaller crayons with more colors or paints for painting.

Children love anything that sticks, so you can think of colorful suction cups. They are usually small, but they stick to all smooth surfaces, and you can arrange various shapes from them. A set of bath toys will also be perfect. The time of splashing in the bathtub is a great adventure for every child. So you can go ahead and buy not only floating toys, but also colorful bath cosmetics that foam. The little one will be delighted.